Small misunderstandings
can cost big bucks.
And even in the bustling financial center of São Paulo, English is rarely spoken.
You may be used to doing business in English with your global clients. This is often not possible, or at least severely limiting in Brazil. Even if your potential business partner is fluent in English, interpreting services can help make sure that everyone understands each other without mishaps.
  • Small meetings: I accompany you and facilitate the conversation between you and the client or potential business partner. I not only interpret, but also use my experience to keep the conversation going and ensure that everyone understands the full context. I am also your advocate, so I promote your interests. This is usually either 'simultaneous whisper' or consecutive interpreting.
  • Conference booths: I work with you at your conference booth (or in conversations at other booths). This gives the appearance of you and a local business partner (rather than an interpreter) which can be advantageous, making you look more prepared and established, rather than a novice that everyone wants to take advantage of. It will be up to you to sell your product, but I do have sales experience and will do my best to help you achieve your goals.
  • Value Added: Most clients request value-added services—meaning that I use my expertise to move things along. However, when clients are evaluating potential employees for example, they sometimes request more verbatim interpreting...that way you will be hearing the person's own thoughts, whether or not they are coherent.


Subject-matter experience is critical. No interpreter is comfortable with all subjects. Most of my experience is in legal, financial,
market research and IT.
This is usually simultaneous and is done using special equipment or an online platform so that those in the audience can hear the correct language. 
  • Online Market Research: I can set up online meetings with Brazilian consumers in your target audience. This can be consecutive, where I translate between you and the consumer. It can also be simultaneous, where a Brazilian moderator takes control of the interview and I translate for you and your colleagues, giving you the 'one-way glass experience' (you can ask the moderator to ask specific questions in real time, using a chat box).
  • São Paulo: I am available, and often at short-notice if necessary for interpreting in the the São Paulo metro area.
  • Elsewhere: I am available worldwide, but will require travel expenses and per diem, depending on the location.