Navigating the Brazilian market and its notorious bureaucracy
is a challenge.
My job is to guide you through it.
There are numerous services out there designed to help you open a business (get a CNPJ), apply for visas, and import/export your product. I partner with many of these services when necessary. What sets me apart from the rest is my experience working as an employee of the Brazilian government (which is extremely rare, as most people stay their until retirement).
Send me an email with more information about you and your business and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.


Your business might be here to change the the way things are done, but you must first understand the status quo.
I have a Swiss master's degree in International Affairs, focusing on international trade, as well as an American bachelor's degree in Latin American Studies. I produce clear and detailed reports about the market that you are getting into so you can decided whether to enter the Brazilian market, and what the course of action is.