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Navigating the Brazilian market and its notorious bureaucracy
is a challenge.
My job is to guide you through it.
Brazil is notorious for its high barriers to entry which are a challenge at the beginning. But once you're in, you've got 200 million consumers who, despite often being quite price-sensitive, are thirsty for quality goods and services that they see abroad, but can't find at home.
I am a licensed accountant in Brazil (CRC SP332816) and student at one of Brazil's foremost law schools. I worked in procurement for the Brazilian government and have a master's in International Affairs focusing on trade law from IHEID in Geneva. I specialize in helping foreign businesses understand and enter the Brazilian market.
Here's how I can help your business:

initial consultation

Is the Brazilian market right for my business?

Should I bring my idea to Brazil?

What are the legal/bureaucratic hurdles? What kind of investment am I looking at?

A 60-minute consultation via Skype is $95 (USD). Ask me all you want about Brazil to see if it's right for you.

Deliverable: Your questions answered during our meeting. If there is something I need to check, I'll look into it and get back to you via email at no extra charge.

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market research

You've decided that Brazil looks promising and want more information or are already here and need to research the market,

I can help!

Types of reports:

1. Competition. It's a dog-eat-dog world, so you may want to know: Who would my main competitors be? How are they positioned? What are their prices?

2. Tax. Death and taxes are certain, but how much?

What taxes would I pay if I entered the Brazilian market? Is there a way I can reduce them by setting up a business here?

3. Regulatory. What kinds of licenses or permits would I need to enter Brazil? Many describe Brazilian bureaucracy as Kafkaesque. Perhaps you just need the right guide.

4. . Try me! If I can't advise you on the topic, I'll surely have a colleague who can.

Prices start at $350 (USD) and vary based on the question(s).

Deliverable: Report answering your specific research question(s).

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market entry consulting

If you're ready to take the leap into the Brazilian market, I'm here to help.

My job is to guide you and advise you through the entire process. 

Services may include:

-Opening a legal entity (getting that elusive CNPJ)

-Obtaining government licenses and permits

-Strategy advice

-Partner search and vetting (and other business development assistance)

-Assistance with bidding on Brazilian government contracts (licitação)

Prices vary and usually take the form of a fixed monthly fee.

Deliverable: Consulting services


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consumer research

Want to know what Brazilian consumers think of your product? 

Through a partner platform, we can interview Brazilians in your target audience online with live Portuguese>English 

interpreting so you can understand what they're saying and ask questions.

Prices vary based on recruitment parameters, as well as the number of interviews and consumers.

Deliverable: Recorded and translated online interviews, written reports on consumer feedback

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