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Brazilians are welcoming and some would say they admire foreigners. But without the right guidance, the bureaucracy can make you feel most unwelcome.
Some of my clients come for vacation and can't leave, some fall in love, others are running away from a bad break up, looking to change the world, trying to get rich, some are even fleeing war. No matter what brings you to Brazil, I can help! (as long as it's legal)



Do you want to live, work, and/or study in Brazil? We'll go over your options.

Price: A 60-minute consultation via Skype is $95 (USD). Ask me all you want about Brazil to see if it's right for you and what your options are.

Deliverable: Your questions answered during our meeting. If there is something I need to check, I'll look into it and get back to you via email at no extra charge.

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No, I can't help you find love, nor can I make it last. But I can help you with the surprisingly bureaucratic process of getting married in Brazil as a foreigner.

If you're not ready to tie the knot yet, I can help you establish a civil union.

I can also help you get residency in or a visa to Brazil if you marry a Brazilian (or foreigner already resident in Brazil) or if you have a Brazilian child (including, but not limited to everyone born in Brazil).

Brazilian law permits both marriage and civil unions between two single adults regardless of gender and I am proud to assist everyone, regardless of orientation or identity.

Price: Starts at $450 (USD) and vary based on country of origin, the existence of previous marriages, and other complicating factors. In most cases, half the fees are non-refundable payment for my work and the other half is a success fee only paid if we achieve your goal.

Deliverable: Marriage/civil union certificate. Family reunion/residency visa.

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settlement & visa assistance

Whether you are planning to come to Brazil or are already here, I can assist with:

-Student Visas

-Work Visas

-Investor Visas

-Retirement Visas

-Refugee Status

-CRNM (aka RNE or CIE)


-US FBI background check ("antecedentes criminais") for the Brazilian government. If you are in São Paulo, I can fingerprint you and send in the paperwork.

If you're already in Brazil, it is highly unlikely that you'll need to leave to apply for one of these types of visas (in such cases, you are technically applying for residency, not a visa).

And lastly, if you have overstayed your tourist stay, don't worry, all is not lost! This is rarely a problem and in most cases, we can get you legal quick.

Price: Starts at $450 (USD) and vary based on type of visa and other circumstances. In most cases, half the fees are non-refundable payment for my work and the other half is a success fee only paid if we achieve your goal.


Deliverable: Visa/residency or other document sought.

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real estate

With this exchange rate, it's a great time to invest in Brazilian real estate. What's more? If you buy a property for more than one million reais (about $250,000 USD) you can get residency!

I will soon be a licensed real estate agent in Brazil and will be able to represent you the buyer in the transaction and negotiation.

Price: Varies based on hours needed and types of services

Deliverable: Consulting services for real estate including property research (a list based on your parameters), scheduling of and guidance at property visits, general advice on real estate market.

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