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Tradução e Interpretação

No translator is comfortable with all areas, so it's important to find someone who knows the subject matter.
Translation vs Interpreting: Translation is written, interpreting is spoken. I do both.
Language Pairs: I communicate with clients in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish, and have studied several other languages. However, as a professional translator/interpreter I work almost exclusively between Portuguese and English. Beware of those who claim to be competent to translate or interpret between an unrealistic number of languages.
Direction: Professional written translation is almost always done INTO the translator's native language. That means I receive Portuguese-language ("source") documents and translate them into English ("target"). If you need a document translated from English INTO Portuguese, I would be happy to recommend a colleague of mine. I do not outsource any of my work. I do spoken interpreting in both directions.

translation (written)

I do high-quality translations from Portuguese into English. I do not outsource and of my work.


I also offer value-added translation where I explain concepts that be new to readers unfamiliar with Brazil.

If you need to understand a Portuguese-language document, I can also provide English-language summaries of Portuguese-language documents, focusing on the information you need.

Price: Traditional Portuguese into English translation starts at $0.12 (USD) per word, depending on content and other factors.

English-language summaries of Portuguese-language documents are $125 (USD) per hour worked.

Deliverable: Translated documents or summaries.

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I'm certified by the American Translators Association to translate from Portuguese into English (ATA 534064).

This means I have passed the highly competitive ATA certification exam.

Many government agencies in the United States (including embassies in the US) require translations to be done by ATA certified translators.

For example, if you would like to get married in the US and need to translate a divorce certificate, many counties require translation performed by an ATA certified translator. Immigration authorities often ask for this too, as do universities (usually for transcripts and diplomas).

Be careful! Some situations require translations performed by ATA certified translators, others will allow for non-certified ATA members, others just need someone to swear that the translation is correct, and some will even allow you to do your own translation. In the US, a translation by an ATA certified translator gives the reader the highest degree of certainty widely available that the translation is true and correct.

My certified translations are digitally signed with my ATA seal and number. I can send hard copies with raised seals and ink signature stamps from São Paulo or San Francisco.

I can notarize my signature in both the US and Brazil.

If you need "Tradução Juramentada" (from English INTO Portuguese) for the Brazilian government, do not offer this service, but would be happy to  recommend a colleague.

Price: Certified translation starts at $0.12 (USD) per word. Extra fees apply for hard copies and notarizations.

Deliverable: Digital and hard copies of translations.

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subject matter& dialects

As a law student and licensed accountant, most of my experience is in the legal/financial field.

I also have experience with IT, marketing & market research, subtitling films, and academic papers from the humanities.

If I don't feel comfortable with the subject matter, I'll definitely let you know and may even have a colleague to recommend!

Portuguese is spoken by diverse communities across the world. I have translated texts and interpreted for people from Brazil (all regions), Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, among others. I easily understand speakers from all over Brazil and have interpreted for speakers from Portugal and lusophone Africa with little difficulty.

I am a native speaker of US English, but can adapt vocabulary and spelling for those familiar with other variants, including British English. I cannot produce fully-localized documents for the UK.

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(spoken translation)

I have 5 years of experience doing spoken interpreting between Portuguese and English for conferences, market research interviews, business meetings, depositions, among others.

I do both simultaneous (I listen and speak at the same time) and consecutive (I listen, wait for the speaker to finish, then speak).

I do interpreting in both directions. For simultaneous interpreting, it is often ideal to have two interpreters: a native speaker of Portuguese to do EN>PT and a native speaker of English to do PT>EN. However, with one interpreter, if the vast majority of the source content is in 

Online: I can interpret for meetings or interviews using my reliable, fast, fully-wired fiber optic internet connection.

Escort: If you are having meetings or attending conference where Portuguese is spoken, I can interpret (translate) for you, allowing you to communicate with clients and colleagues.


Conferences/Meetings: I come to your meeting and interpret either simultaneously or consecutively.

Voiceover: You send me an audio or video file in Portuguese, I return a the file with English-language audio.

"Scriptlation": You send me a Portuguese-language audio or video, I return an English-language transcript. Normally, Portuguese audio would first be transcribed, then translated. Scriptlation helps save time and money.


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