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Mesmo com uma equipe que fale inglês, captar, manter e agradar clientes estrangeiros pode ser um desafio.
As one of very few licensed accountants (CRC SP332816) in Brazil who are native speakers of English, the holder of a 4-year accounting degree from a Brazilian university, and a law student at one of Brazil's foremost law programs, I am uniquely qualified to help foreign lawyers, financial professionals and investors understand reports, laws, regulations, and other documents that come from Brazil. 
Whether it's to help investors keep track of their investments in Brazil, monitor ongoing investigations, or vet potential business partners, I'm here to help. I am not yet a qualified lawyer and do not claim to be.  I work with partner law firms in Brazil when necessary or requested.

tradução e resumos


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legal/financial research

Have a transnational case involving Brazil? 

Involved in monitoring a Brazilian company?

Do you represent those investing in Brazil?

As a licensed accountant in Brazil, law student, former employee of the Brazilian government, and having years of experience with legal and financial issues in Brazil, I can produce clear and concise reports on the question you need answered.

Price: $125 (USD) per hour worked

Deliverable: Reports

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If you're purchasing assets in Brazil or represent someone who intends to, you might want a neutral opinion.

You might also be a financial institution that needs to Know Your Client.

Checks can include, but are not limited to:

-Is the company all that it says it is? I can go for a site visit.

-Do they pay their taxes? I can check government databases.

-Are they good payers? I can see if they have collections complaints.

-Are they legally registered as a company? I can take a look.

Price: $125 (USD) per hour worked

Deliverable: Reports, including screenshots/certificates of compliance.

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interpretação ("tradução simultânea")

Does your client want to enter the Brazilian market? I can help:

-Open a business (CNPJ), and see what type to open

-Find partners and vet them

-Strategize for the Brazilian market

-Estimate tax liability

-Survey the competition

For more information on these services, please go to the Foreign Businesses Entering Brazil section.

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