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High-quality and value-added translations so you can fully understand that you're getting into.
I help you understand the full context of what you are reading.
A member of the American Translators Association (certified for Portuguese into English, #534064), I produce high-quality value-added translations in the financial, legal, and IT fields.
  • High-quality means that I dedicate the time and effort, and have the expertise, to accurately translate the Portuguese text into a fluid and understandable English translation.
  • Value-added means that I will do all I can to ensure that you understand what is written.
    • For example, if I tell you that "CPF" means "Registrar of Physical Persons" you might be a bit confused. But if I explain in a footnote that "Physical persons contrasts legal entities such as businesses, non-profits, and government entities that have legal personality but are NOT individual human beings. CPFs are used in a similarly to Social Security numbers in the US because they are used for credit history. They can be easily obtained by anyone at Brazilian consulates abroad or at many locations in Brazil. But don't be alarmed if someone asks you for your CPF for an everyday purchase, this is very common" ...then it might be a easier to understand.
    • Value-added also means that I am your advocate. I've seen thousands of contracts and other legal documents, and if something is out of the ordinary, I'll make sure that you understand the full context and that your interests are protected.


Professional translations are always from the translator's second language, INTO his or her native language...never the other way around.
These translations are produced by my colleagues who are professional translators and native speakers of Portuguese. I also review them to ensure quality.
  • Localized client-facing texts: This could be your website or the instruction manual to your product. We make sure that the language is smooth, easy-to-understand, and sounds natural to the Brazilian reader.
  • Contracts: You may be used to signing international contracts in English with your global partners. Brazil has ZERO ratified bilateral investment treaties. That means that chances are that the only legal instrument that you can rely on will be  a contract signed in Brazil, in Portuguese. Many foreign business people leave the contract writing to their local Brazilian partner, which might protect their interests, but not yours. We produce strong, high-quality legal translations will the goal of making the terms apply as strongly as possible under Brazilian law, protecting your interests.
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